Availability & Security

For us, it is important that everyone at GothCon should be able to participate, and we do everything we can to ensure that you have the best possible GothCon experience. If you are missing any information, you can contact us info@gothcon.se or talk to the staff at the reception at the convention.

Wheelchair at GothCon
GothCon has a lot of stairs! But there is also access to a lift for those who need it and, with the exception of a few halls, the convention is wheelchair accessible. To be able to use the lifts, you must use a tag that you acknowledge at reception. As we have a limited number and so that you do not have to wait to receive it, we ask that you contact us in advance at lokal@gothcon.se.

Stroller at GothCon
Of course, we want you to be able to bring the kids to GothCon. If you need to get around with a pram, please contact us in advance at lokal@gothcon.se so that you can acknowledge a lift tag at the reception.
As we have a limited number of tags, people with reduced mobility have priority over pushchairs.

Security guards
At GothCon we have security guards who walk around the convention. These people are there to make you feel good at the convention and you can turn to them if you feel worried, wonder something or just need someone to talk to. You recognize our security guards by their yellow ribbons and pins that say "security guard"! It is also always good to contact the reception, the cafe or someone on the staff.

If you have injured yourself, you should contact the reception or someone in the staff and they will call for medical personnel. If it is an emergency, call 112.

Don't forget to eat, drink and sleep properly!