GothCon Rules

Bylaws: The association GothCon
Adopted: 1996-08-17
Revised: 1999-09-11, 2006-09-30, 2013-05-05, 2014-10-11, 2015-09-05, 2016-07-17, 2016-12-10, 2017-12-10

org no. 857206-8909

§ 1. NAME
The name of the association is "The association GothCon".

The purpose of the association is to prepare and hold gaming conventions in the Gothenburg region, as well as related activities.

§ 3. SEAT
The association has its seat in the municipality of Gothenburg.

The association's body is
• Annual meeting
• Board of Directors
• Auditors

A person with an interest in the association's objectives, who approves these statutes and who wants to work with the association's objectives can be accepted as a member.
Written notification of membership is submitted to someone on the association's board. The member's details must be registered in the association's membership list at the next meeting of the board or no later than 1 month after the notification was received by at least one member.
Membership may only be refused if it can be assumed that the person concerned will work against the aims or interests of the association. Membership is valid up to and including the next annual meeting, with the exception of § 6 and 7.

Members have the right to renounce their membership at any time and do so by notification to the board. A member is deemed to have withdrawn from the association when the notification has reached at least one board member.

Members who work against the association's aims can be suspended by the board. Suspended member must be discussed at the next annual meeting. Either the suspension is then lifted or the member is excluded. The board and annual meeting can revoke suspension and exclusion.

The association's board consists of the chairman, secretary, treasurer and two to six members and any deputies. The board appoints a member to be vice chairman.
The members are elected for the period until the next ordinary annual meeting.

The association's business year runs from July 1 to June 30.

The members' right to participate in the management of the association's affairs is exercised at the annual meeting, which can be an ordinary annual meeting or an extra annual meeting. At the annual meeting, each member has one vote. Voting is done in person on site or remotely with aids intended for the purpose. A member or deputy on the board may not participate in decisions about discharge from liability or the selection of auditors or deputy auditors.
Voting takes place openly, except for personal elections, where a closed vote must take place, if someone so requests. Decisions are made, where these statutes do not provide otherwise, by simple majority vote.
In the event of an equal number of votes, the sentence that the chairman contributes applies, however, in personal elections, the decision is made by drawing lots.