The cafeteria

Welcome to GothCon's cafeteria!

The cafeteria is in Hvitfeldtska's school canteen (locally known as Bamba). Here you will find our Café, the breakfast service, the "GothMojjen", the GothShop, the Tea Bar and Reception.

If you have questions about our selection, allergies or anything else related to food or serving, do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of serving.

Opening hours

The cafe building itself is open and staffed 24/7 from the time we open the convention on Thursday evening until 4pm on Sunday (opening times vary from year to year).

There is plenty of seating in the cafeteria for those who need a break, are craving coffee or are hungry. You can come here to get in touch with GothCon staff regardless of the time of day.

Opening hours for all events in the cafeteria can be found here.

GothCon's catering, the beating heart of the convention!


Here you can buy sweets, drinks, snacks, coffee, yogurt & healthy sandwiches.

The cafe stays open an hour longer than the rest of the convention so that everyone who wants to have the opportunity to buy sweets, drinks and provisions for the journey home.


In the dining room/bamba there is also our GothMoj where we serve classic street food such as meatballs or sausages with mash, sausages with bread, flatbread roll, veggie buns/falafel and salad. Of course, we also have vegetarian options (and to some extent also vegan).

The selection may vary during the convention depending on demand, but we work hard to ensure that everyone finds something good to eat.


Welcome to our breakfast service! The absolute best start to a successful day at the convention. Here there is a wide selection with, among other things, porridge, jam, skimmed milk, muesli, cornflakes, milk, juice, eggs, bread, caviar, cheese, hummus, cream cheese, cold-cut spreads, vegetables and freshly baked bread! 

Price: SEK 40

No pre-booking is required, first come, first served and payment takes place on the spot.


Freshly brewed coffee is available 24 hours a day and is free for all visitors.


For a few years now, the service has not had a bookable dinner for visitors, but instead refers to our café or moj for those who fancy something more nutritious.

No pre-booking, only purchase on site.

Special diets & Allergies

We always try to accommodate the most common special dietary needs as far as possible. All our products are clearly labeled with content and our staff are always on hand to answer questions. In all cash registers in the serving area there is a folder with content and ingredient lists for all foods, semi-finished products and home-made products sold at Gothcon.

Never hesitate to ask us if you are unsure about the contents of our products. 

If you have a serious airborne allergy and are worried about exposure at the convention, you can contact C Serving before the convention so that we can take this into account so that you feel safe.

Work as a clerk

Café, kitchen & moj always need a couple of extra helping hands.

Are you interested in working in our café, moje or perhaps our kitchen?
Contact and register as an official! 

If you want to spontaneously register as an employee on site, you can do so with C staff at the reception or with C serving in the Café. 

Questions about food for organizers are referred to the Organiser's Reception. Questions about food for officials are referred to C Personnel.

Other arrangements in the Cafeteria

The GothShop

In the dining room you will find GothCon's own Merchshop.

In "Merchen" you can buy this year's mug and pin, T-shirts, caps, tote bags, thermos mugs, stickers, T-shirts, mugs and pins from previous years and much, much more!

The tea bar

In the dining room there is also the Tea Bar where visitors, organizers and officials can enjoy freshly brewed, steaming tea in several different flavors. Take the opportunity to grab a cup of this year's convention blend before it runs out.

Tea is served by the arrangement Tebaren and their lovely staff!


At night there is also a game bar here where you can borrow different games to play with friends, try something new or just pass the time.

Other information

Ban on nuts

It is not permitted to bring, eat or serve nuts, almonds, peanuts and sesame seeds in any of the schools in Gothenburg. The ban applies in all school premises, around the clock and every day of the week.


In addition to allergenic foods, pets are also not allowed on the school premises.


Observe the no-smoking signage near entrances and meeting places.