GothCon's Core Values


GothCon's core values are based on the view of the equal value of all people and the strength of being a broad association with great diversity. The association and the convention we organize contain many parts of the gaming hobby and here there are several challenges. As the organizer of Sweden's oldest gaming convention, the goal for GothCon is to work consciously and continuously with these challenges. Our visitors and those who come to work with the convention should know what we stand for.

Value basis

The association GothCon and the convention we organize must be safe places where everyone feels welcome. GothCon therefore distances itself from discrimination and oppression in connection with gender, gender identity or gender expression, ethnic affiliation, belief, disability, sexual orientation, age and socio-economic background.

The convention must be open and welcoming to all. People come to GothCon to meet, play, have fun and hang out with each other. With a business where analog games, fantasy, theater, cosplay and more are represented, we value the exchange we have with each other regardless of background or favorite game. Our goal is a convention where people meet to create memories in a safe environment.