Over the years, GothCon has had a large number of annual logos designed by our visitors and selected by vote or jury. These logos have graced t-shirts, pins, badges and much more.

At first, the convention lacked an annual logo, this only started until GothCon XII (1988).

Below you see a compilation of the logs that are in our archive.

Convention 77 (1977)Convention 78 (1978)Convention 79 (1979)GothCon IV (1980)
GothCon V (1981)GothCon VI (1982)GothCon VII (1983)GothCon VIII (1984)
GothCon IX (1985)GothCon (X) (1986)GothCon XI (1987)GothCon XII (1988)
GothCon XIII (1989)GothCon XIV (1990)GothCon XV (1991)GothCon XVI (1992)
GothCon XVII (1993)GothCon XVIII (1994)GothCon XIX (1995)GothCon XX (1996)
GothCon XXI (1997)GothCon XXII (1998)GothCon XXIII (1999)GothCon XXIV (2000)
GothCon XXV (2001)GothCon XXVI (2002)GothCon XXVII (2003)GothCon XXVIII (2004)
GothCon XXIX (2005)GothCon XXX (2006)GothCon XXXI (2007)GothCon XXXII (2008)
GothCon XXXIII (2009)GothCon XXXIV (2010)GothCon XXXV (2011)GothCon XXXVI (2012)
GothCon XXXVII (2013)GothCon XXXVIII (2014)GothCon XXXIX (2015)GothCon XL (2016)
GothCon XLI (2017)GothCon XLII (2018)GothCon XLIII (2019)GothCon XLIV (2020)
GothCon XLIV v2 (2021)GothCon XLV (2022)GothCon XLVI (2023)GothCon XLVII (2024)