Do you want to join?
Of course you want to!
Helping to direct and set up behind the scenes at GothCon is easy when you are passionate about it and get to do something so incredibly fun! It wouldn't be a convention every year if we didn't have so many great people helping out year after year. From board members to those who cook in the kitchen, write roleplay scenarios and help clean up after the convention - everyone is passionate about and wants to help GothCon.
How can I help?
We need all kinds of people with different talents. 
First, a small explanation of the different ways a person can help:

Staff - A staff member is part of GothCon's staff that has been developed by the Board, and often has responsibility over a certain area of the convention, such as e.g. the premises, the staff, the role-playing games or the kitchen. Anyone can join the staff, but it requires commitment and work both before, during and after the convention. Neither the staff nor the board draw any salary for their work with GothCon, but it is done on a voluntary basis.

Official - A functionary is a person who has reported that they want to work during the convention itself and help. Then you work a certain number of shifts (i.e. as many as you feel like) during the convention and also get goodies and rewards based on how much you worked. What you can do is, among other things, stand in the kitchen or the kiosk, sit at the reception and help people register upon arrival, help set up the convention on Thursday or go around and pick up trash during the convention, and much more.

Gamemaster - A referee works very much like an official, but the job you take on is to referee a game. This is usually that you lead a role-playing scenario, but it can also be that you participate as an official in a role-playing tournament, assist in a game or the like.

Organizer - An organizer makes sure there is something to do at GothCon! Organizers can be anything from individuals who wrote a role-playing game they want to share, to a game publisher who wants to show off their new product or a local gaming association that wants to organize a board game bar. Podcasts, game world movements, authors or musical groups can also be included - in short, if you have an idea for an event, we want to hear it!

Okay, I want to help! How do I?
Do you want to arrange a game? Submit one organizer notification! On that page you will also find contact details for the various area managers. You can also contact
Do you want to work as an official at the convention? Contact!
Do you want to work as a game director? Contact!
Want to join the staff or have any other concerns not covered here? Contact!
We need you and we have room for you! Welcome!

Want to create GothCon's logo?

Every year we have a new logo for our convention. Anyone who wants to can submit their contribution (or several) to the competition.

Until Friday at the convention, it is possible to submit proposals for logos for the next convention! The entry chosen as the winner will be used on t-shirts, pins, mugs and appear in GothCon's marketing such as on social media, banners, etc.

The proposals submitted will be evaluated and judged by a jury during the convention. The jury will vote for a winner who will be presented on Saturday at the convention.


If your logo is chosen to grace next year's convention, you will win:

  • The honor of having designed one of GothCon's logos
  • A seat on the jury that will vote for GothCon's next logo
  • Lots of free merch and other things from GothCon:
    • Mug
    • T-shirt
    • Metal pin
    • Free admission to next year's GothCon

Competition rules

  • The logo must depict a flying gadget/creature.
  • The logo must be pure black and white (no gray scales).
  • It is not a requirement, but a big plus, if the logo is inscribed in a circle, or somehow forms a circle.
  • Those sitting on the jury cannot participate in the competition themselves.
  • GothCon reserves full and exclusive rights to the winning entry.

Grounds for disqualification

GothCon reserves the right to disqualify entries that:

  • is considered inappropriate or may be considered offensive
  • is all for similar previous years' logos
  • violates laws or regulations (e.g. copyright legislation)

So don't hesitate! Submit your proposal today!

The last day for submission is the Friday during the convention.

In case of any questions, it is also perfectly possible to send an email to we will get back to you as soon as possible.