Ticket sales for 2024 are now open!

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With ticket: You can participate in events and the auction. There are also spaces where you can freely play your own games.

Without ticket: You can take a look in the pop-up shops, buy coffee in the cafe or walk around and take in the atmosphere!

Tickets can be purchased on site during the convention or online via our website when the convention approaches.

Children up to 7 years of age enter for free.

Youth ticket is valid for ages 8-18.

ATTENTION! The convention is photographed. The photographs are handled according to GDPR and will be used for use by GothCon and Sverok to showcase the business and gaming culture digitally and in print.

Fees for tournaments and events may apply. If you are just curious and want to walk around and look, without staying overnight or participating in any game or competition, it is free.

How to use
When you register for the convention, you first need to register in our database as you found here.

If you have questions about your registration, you can contact us visitor service.

  • Feel free to fill in your nickname on Discord to be able to access everything on our server. If you click on your user in Discord, it will be automatically copied and you can paste it into the database. So you need to have created your user on Discord first, we don't do this for you. Also make sure that join our server, parts of it are already open! Look at it this page for more info about Discord.
  • Under the menu "Tickets" you can buy admission to the convention.
  • Under "Events" you can register for the events that require advance registration. Please note that all arrangements require that you have purchased a ticket to GothCon.
  • For the events that require advance registration, you also need to purchase an advance registration for the event.
  • Some events you sign up for as a team, then the fee is called the Team Fee. It is then only one person per team, the team leader, who needs to register and pay the team fee, other team participants do not need to pay any fee.
  • To create a team, click on "My teams". There you can create a team and then share a registration link with your friends who want to join your team!
  • Click on the shopping cart tab at the top right. There you will see what you have ordered and how much the total will be. You pay easily by card.