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Glad you want to work as an official at GothCon XLVII!

Please read the information on this page before applying, even if you have worked with us before. Then go to our notification system which opens in connection with the ticket release and register as an official!

We will contact you via email as soon as we can after you have sent your application.


Questions and concerns about being an official at GothCon?
Email us at:

What does an official do?

Our employee areas are described further down this page. Depending on how many shifts you work, you will receive different rewards in return, according to this year's rewards.

When you arrive at GothCon, you must register at the official check-in. Where you are registered and we in the staff help you get started.

What is required of me as an employee?

As an official at GothCon, it is important that you arrive on time for your sessions and bring a good mood with you. You will receive information and instructions from your passport managers that you need to take to heart.

During the entire time you work at GothCon, you must wear the staff shirt or other work clothes provided to you at the convention.

Can't think of any of your assigned passes? Notify HR as soon as possible.

Have any difficulties working with certain tasks? Don't be afraid to apply anyway! At GothCon there is room for everyone, if you contact us we will be able to work something out.


A shift as an official at GothCon is usually 4 hours long.
A cleaning pass is 3 hours long, but is worth as much as a regular pass.

The pass this year will be between 08:00 and 00:00.

Please note: If you participate in the entire final city on both Sunday and Monday, these correspond to 3 work shifts.

This year's rewards

Before you start your first session, you will receive a staff shirt. You must wear it for the entire time you work at the convention. Below is a list of what you get for each shift you work.

Official passport

Shift 1

  • 1 meal in our Dining/Café
  • Official's T-shirt
  • 25% cheaper entry (total 25%)

Shift 2

  • 1 meal in our Dining/Café
  • Sleep free of charge in our officials' dormitory (only applies to pre-registered officials, otherwise subject to space)
  • 25% cheaper entry (total 50%)

Shift 3

  • 1 meal in our Dining/Café
  • GothCon Mug
  • 50% cheaper entry (total 100%)

Shift 4

  • 1 meal in our Dining/Café
  • GothCon T-shirt

Shift 5+

  • 2 meals in our Dining/Café

Other bonuses

A hall is available for officials. In this, we encourage socializing and games together with other officials and staff.
Those of us who work with staff will be there most of the convention to answer questions and hang out!

Area descriptions

Below is a list of our work areas, roughly what duties they entail and when during the convention they are needed.

Log in

Thursday before the convention

In Intlogg, we go through, outline and register all the halls that we use during the convention. In order for us to be able to open dormitories for participants as quickly as possible and to be able to clean up after the convention, we need to make an inventory of where everything was.

The work with logging in is done on the Thursday before the convention starts and continues until we have logged in all the halls that we will use.


During the convention

As a cleaning officer at GothCon, the main task is to make sure that the halls, corridors and toilets we use look neat and clean.

There will be house managers with overall situational control who inform the cleaning staff what needs to be done in the various houses. Meeting point outside the Café.

We need cleaning staff throughout the convention.


During the convention

There are always things to do in the café and the tasks are varied.

As an employee in the Café, you replenish goods in our fridges and on our sales surfaces, man the cash register, make toast to order, answer questions and ensure that there is always coffee ready. Everyone helps to make sure that the cafe is clean and tidy.

It may happen that you have to jump in and help the other departments of the service if necessary, but always in agreement between the café manager and the clerk.

Good to know
In the café, it is important that everyone is a team player, that you can take instructions effectively and that you can interact with customers in a friendly and professional manner.

You are on your feet most of your shift, but of course not all the time.

If you have a disability or need adaptations of work tools and want to know more about how we can meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

As a civil servant, you need to be prepared for the fact that the work pace can vary and at times be high.

We need cafe operators throughout the convention starting on Thursday afternoon/evening. There is a great variety of shifts as the Café is open from early morning to late evening.


During the convention

As a clerk in the kitchen, you support the kitchen managers in their work and mainly perform simpler tasks such as making messes, making baguettes, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. for the Café, but you can also assist the kitchen managers with cooking for the mojj.

In the kitchen, we cook in large quantities, which requires the ability to handle large recipes and follow specific instructions (For example, when using commercial kitchen utensils).

Good hygiene practices are important to avoid contamination and ensure food is safe to eat.

Keeping the kitchen clean and safe is a central part of the work.

Good to know
Working in a commercial kitchen can sometimes be physically demanding and but also creatively satisfying, here there are opportunities to develop skills in cooking, leadership and logistics.

As the food often has to be served at specific times, it is important that our kitchen managers can plan and organize work to meet important deadlines.

As a civil servant, you need to be prepared for the fact that the work pace can vary and at times be high.

The kitchen needs staff during the entire convention!


During the convention

As an employee in Mojjen, you will work to keep our serving of hot food going to hungry visitors, organizers, staff members and more. In Mojjen, the duties mean that you either work at the cash register or with serving food.

Together with the Mojj manager, you ensure that it is clean and tidy when serving and that it is tidy. Some cleaning and dishes are part of the job.

Good to know
What's fun about Mojjen is that you have the opportunity to meet many people and make them happy as we place great emphasis on good service.

As a civil servant, you need to be prepared for the fact that the work pace can vary and at times be high.

The first session of the day begins with preparations before Mojjen opens for the day. The last shift of the day ends with cleaning up after closing and putting Mojjen in order before going home.

We need officials for Mojjen throughout the convention.


During the convention

The reception is the first port of call for visitors to the convention. We who work at the reception have a good attitude, are thorough and manage to be pleasant despite the sometimes somewhat stressful work environment. The duties include answering people's questions, checking in visitors and helping with account registrations. We also take care of found/lost items. If you've been to the convention before and know how it works, that's a bonus.

We need clerks for the reception during all days of the convention, Thursday to Sunday, but the reception will be open around the following times:
Thursday from the time we are ready for opening on Thursday until the queuing visitors run out.
Friday and Saturday: 08:00 to 00:00
Sunday: 08:00 until the convention closes.


During the convention

Auction duties include carrying auction items from the stage to the buyer and handling cash/change between the buyer and the cashier.

The times to work during the auction are between 14:30-21:00 on Saturday.

Final city

Sunday afternoon/Monday after the convention

At the final cleaning, we go through all the premises we have been in, clean up after ourselves and make sure everything is where it should be according to the floor plans from Intlogg.
There are two days where staff are needed for the final city. The first is on the Sunday after the end of the convention and the second is on the Monday after the convention.
Please note that the final clean will continue until we are done. If there are many of us, it goes quickly and as a bonus you will be invited to food and get various end-of-town loot.

If you work the whole weekend Sunday + Monday, you can take credit 3 work shifts.
However, you should bear in mind that you cannot use your rewards for food during the convention, but get food during the pass, and get to take part in the final city dinner.

We finish cleaning on Sunday afternoon and on Monday after the convention.

Gamemaster roleplay

During the convention

Want to roleplay during Gothcon? Register as a game leader and write which game or games you want to lead.

The games that need a game director are listed on the GothCon website. You will receive more information from those responsible via email when you have registered.

Gamemaster passes are available throughout the convention.

Event Officer

Under current arrangements.

If you are going to work for an event, the organizer of the event will need to notify the event manager. Then all event officials must register here through.

As an event official, you will receive the following rewards:
1 meal ticket per pass, as well as discounted entry in the same way as other officials.

Other data

During the convention
There are a few other tasks during the convention, such as resource in the cafe house, a task that is more varied. You clean when needed, otherwise you help in the Café or Reception where needed.
Then we have a store that sells Gothcon products, here we need a few people who like to sell, be nice and social.
These cannot be clicked in as optional information as there are so few places, but where there is space for free text, write if any of this is desired and we will look at the possibilities!