Playing in front of an audience

The podcast room

The podcast room is a gathering place for all RPG podcasters, listeners and curious people who just want to come in and listen for a while. There will be a rolling schedule of role play sessions and panel discussions in front of an audience, as well as some time for meet and greets. If you miss the live performances, you will be able to hear them in various podcasts after the convention.

There will also be several roleplays and other fun behind closed doors that will be released in various podcasts afterwards. So that you can get back the convention feeling long afterwards.

Schedule in the audience room:

Games for the public:
10-12 EON
Podcast: ROAR etc
12:45-14:45 Dragons and Demons (in English)
Podcast: Andreas from Sweden Rolls and others
15:00-17:00 Blades in the Dark (in English)
Podcast: Brainwaves Podcast, Red Moon Roleplaying, Svartviken Roleplaying podcast, Sweden roles
17:45-19:45 Coriolis
Podcast: Svartviken Roleplay podcast, We play roleplay, etc
20:00-22:00 Cult
Podcast: Spelhyllan, Gestalt, Smygpodden

Panel discussion
10:00-10:50 How do we review RPGs? (in English)
11:00-11:50 Running a role-playing game publisher
12:00-12:50 How do you keep the playgroup alive (in adulthood)?
13:00-13:50 Role playing online - good or bad?

14:00-14:45 Meet & Greet

Games for the public:
Podcast: We play role-playing games
17:30-19:30 Kutulu
Podcast: Svartviken Roleplaying podcast, Frilurarna, Áventyrarna etc

Games for the public:
10:00-12:00 Mutant
Podcast: The Red Plague, ROAR
12:15-14:15 Dragons and demons
Podcast: Sweden rolls etc

Organized by The podcast room

  • Fri 10:00 - 12:00 (EON Character creation with the podcast ROAR)
    • South 507
  • Fri 12:45 - 14:45 (Dragons and demons with Andreas from the Sweden rolls podcast)
    • South 507
  • Fri 15:00 - 17:00 (Blades in the Dark with the podcasts Brainwaves Podcast, Red Moon Roleplaying, Svartviken, Sweden roles)
    • South 507
  • Fri 17:45 - 19:45 (Coriolis with the Black Sea pod)
    • South 507
  • Fri 20:00 - 22:00 (KULT with the Spelhyllan podcast)
    • South 507
  • Sat 10:00 - 13:50 (Panel conversation with the podcasts Svartviken & Gestalt)
    • South 507
  • Sat 14:00 - 14:45 (Poddrum Meet & Greet)
    • South 507
  • Sat 15:00 - 17:00 (We Play Role Playing)
    • South 507
  • Sat 17:30 - 19:30 (Kutulu m. Svartviken, Frilurarna, Äventyrarna etc.)
    • South 507
  • Sun 10:00 - 12:00 (Mutant with the podcasts Red Plague & Roar)
    • South 507

We Play Role Playing Games

Sweden's prettiest role-playing podcast will of course visit GothCon this year as well! We record an episode in front of an audience, answer questions, and generally enjoy ourselves. Hope to see you!

Organized by Axel Widen

  • Sat 15:00 - 17:00
    • South 507

"Hidden" Narrative Miniature Game

Hidden Narrative miniature games are now the name of the "Hidden" games that I run in various forms. Before this year's Convention, I intend to offer 1 of 3 different game possibilities.

1: CoC 1924 in USA

2: Scafi/starwars

3: WWII France 1940

Organized by Birgers

  • Fri 10:00 - Sun 3:00
    • Vasa 510

    Pre book via sign up system

Nerd quiz

Prove that you can do the most at GothCon and win prizes and bragging rights for the rest of the convention!

Come with friends or find friends on site to test your knowledge in geek categories such as board games, role-playing games, TV/computer games, Disney, TV series, anime, etc.

Each team can consist of a maximum of two people (but it's ok to be fewer), if you don't have a partner but want one, show up 5 minutes before the scheduled time and bee pairs you up!

A prize is promised to the winners in addition to the endless glory of winning the geek quiz 2024 at GothCon!

Organized by Malin Granqvist Malmberg and Magnus Hansson

  • Sat 22:00 - Sun 3:00
    • North Entrance 04