GothCon5 dagar sen
Update: Easter is approaching with steady steps and the arrangements have rolled in at a good pace during the autumn. 😄

Some of this year's new faces are USCM, a tactical role-playing game in an Aliens setting, and Emda Vikingastaden, a diorama game about loyalty, wealth and strife in a small trading town in the 9th century.

Among old favourites, we have Teabaren, Wings of Glory, GoBo's board game bar and Star Wars: Armada.

Many more can be accommodated and registration is open until January 7. Feel free to sign up or write to us if you have any questions!

Registration link and all contact details for the event group can be found here:
GothCon2 veckor sen
This weekend at the World Culture Museum 🕹
GothCon2 veckor sen
Times to keep an eye on:

Registration opens February 4, 2024
GothCon3 veckor sen
Did you know that...?
GothCon1 månad sen
Fancy hosting something at GothCon, but don't know exactly what?

We are looking for someone who can arrange a children's room where parents can take a break and look after their children. As an organizer, that includes planning what will be in this room, and overseeing it during the convention.

Are you the right person for this? Get in touch for arrangements@gothcon.see
GothCon2 månader sen
Update: The convention work is in full swing and we would like to announce that we have already received lots of great arrangements!

First out this year was a role-play scenario for Nordiska Väsen.

We have also brought in old favorites such as Yggdrasil's figure play room, Western, the Indie room and F28.

Among the new ones we have the adventure system Hexplore It and YohGerbs who make crochet figures and dice bags.

This is only a fraction of those who have signed up, but we still have many places left for more organizers.

If you want to arrange, you are very welcome to sign up, and if you have any questions or want to share ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. 😊

Registration is open until January 7.

All contact details for the event group can be found here: