Association GothCon

What is GothCon?

GothCon is one of Sweden's largest gaming conventions and, with its start in 1977, is also the oldest. Every year, around 2,000 visitors are attracted to the convention to celebrate Easter with analog games in all its forms – role-playing games, board games, card games, figure games, live games and the like. GothCon takes place in Gothenburg every Easter and anyone can participate, although we recommend that our visitors under the age of 15 come with an adult. The convention is completely drug-free.

The convention is held in central Gothenburg at Hvitfeldtska gymnasium and the surrounding area.

Who makes the convention?

The organizer of the convention is the association GothCon, which consists of a staff divided into different groups: arrangements, visitor service, info, venue, money & catering. The staff consists of about 40 people from all over the country who work with GothCon all year round, completely on a voluntary basis.

Every year we get help from a large number of organizers who arrange various forms of games or other events. In addition, we also get a lot of help from our functionaries who help during the convention with everything from leading role-playing sessions to manning the reception.

Do you want to get involved? Get in touch at info [at] and we'll guide you!


Nina Wängberg – chairman
Cecilia Hällstrand – Vice-chairman
Jonny Green – Treasurer
Martin Brosser – secretary
Albin Frödell – member
Maria Rodén – member
Elin Tinglöf – member
Hampus Nordin – member


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